Here is some extra ugly.
This is The-H, currently just a gimmicky messageboard.
It uses images from games from JastUSA and Peach Princess, available at Jast USA
All images are used with permission.
In the future, other games may be used, pending permission being granted from the copyright holders.
This crappy index is only temporary, though who knows how long it will stay up.
The current board is also temporary. It is the second writing of the first version of the board (version 1.2). It is the result of a re-write which took place after a system crash wiped out the old board.
The current board is buggy, lacks many features, and takes up a lot more bandwidth than it should.
More recently, work has started on a complete re-write (as in, starting from a completely different concept, as opposed to just trying to type out all that is remembered about the old system) of the board. This re-write should allow for more features to be added relatively easily, should make debugging easier, and should produce much smaller pages. It is somewhat more complex and may take more proccessing time, but that is not my primary concern right now. The new board, version 2, is still under heavy development. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, but it most assuredly will not actually work correctly yet.
So, that all explained, here are your options:
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